Woman In New Jersey Wins $577K Betting Online At BetMGM

It is certainly a lucky start to the holiday season for one Bergen County woman who, in a remarkable stroke of luck, won an astonishing $577,543.81 from a $10 bet placed online at BetMGM’s casino on MegaJackpots Cleopatra. Just in time for the excitement of Christmas celebrations to begin, the delighted winner was able to claim her prize and is looking forward to celebrating with her family. This arrival of this amazing fortune couldn’t have come at a better time and will without doubt bring much to cheer during this holiday season.

A Lucky Start To The Holiday Season

Marley F. from Lyndhurst, NJ was overjoyed to find a sizable sum of money sitting in her bank account after playing online casino. She plans on using it to first settle some of her bills and then save the rest for buying Christmas presents for her family.

Marley is keen to make sure this holiday season is extra special and she has expressed enthusiasm when talking about it – saying that “My family is going to be in for a treat this holiday season!” It looks like the lucky player made the smart choice of investing in something worthwhile.

Unparalleled Gaming Experiences

Marley’s recent big win at BetMGM online casino, while playing the popular IGT game MegaJackpots Cleopatra, is an exciting milestone for the success of online casinos. The Director of VIP Casino, Alex Limesand, was quick to congratulate Marley on her lucky win and discussed BetMGM’s commitment to great experiences for players. “We’re thrilled to continue to give players great experiences and the opportunity to win big prizes like this,” Limesand said.

While this win was certainly something to celebrate, it wasn’t the first. Since 2022 began, BetMGM has awarded over $95 million in jackpot payouts across the US and Ontario; a testament to the increasingly popular ‘virtual Vegas’ experience available from online casinos.

Exciting Month For Borgata Casino Online

August was a remarkable month for BetMGM and its customers when two jackpot winners won a combined amount of $382,000 on online Borgata Casino. The lucky players, who remained anonymous at the request of BetMGM, won their prizes of $100,000 and $282,000 respectively while playing Gaming Realms’ Borgata Slingo XXXtreme and NextGen Gaming’s Wild Play Superbet.

Just a month prior in July, two players hit the virtual betting tables with another combined total payout of over $400K. One of those included an impressive win of $240,000 from Pragmatic Play Jacks or Better. However, even with all these payouts added up together none can compare to the ultimate jackpot win this year by BetMGM customer – a stunning sum of $2.8 million playing Bison Fury in February.

Real-Money Staff
by Real-Money Staff
December 14, 2022