About Us

Who Are We?

The real-money.net team is a collective of gambling professionals and experts from across the world. Our team has a wealth of experience gathered from many years working in, and conducting research on, the US gambling industry.

Luckily for you, we have now decided to share what we have learned with the general public. Therefore, our website has been established to help educate and empower bettors with their real money gambling.

What Do We Do?

As the professionals and experts at real-money.net, we aspire to deliver educational gambling content. We aim to cover all aspects of the industry from reviewing the latest mobile apps to discussing some of the most popular online casino bonuses, as well as updating our users on the legal status of gambling in different states.

Although we do cover a number of different topics, our main specialty is the subject of real money online casinos in the USA. We create content to help provide visitors to our website with relevant information so that they can equip themselves with the tools required to make informed decisions when it comes to playing at online casinos for real money in regulated states.

This is because we believe that having this knowledge will encourage more people to gamble responsibly. Something that is key to us experts here at real-money.net.

What Are The Site’s Goals?

Without a doubt, we want to become the go-to resource for people with gambling-related queries. Need some information on the legality of real money casinos? We’ll have you covered. Need to know how to play certain games like online bingo and roulette? You’ll hopefully find all you need on the real-money.net website.

Also, because we know the power of word-of-mouth marketing, another of our goals is that our website name will be one of the first words to roll off your tongue when someone asks you a question regarding all things gambling. We’re certain we can establish our brand as a reputable source by ensuring we only provide you with the best quality content, no matter what the topic.

Essentially, we want to be the authoritative reference for real money casino players. If you’re not coming to us and you’re going to a competitor, we aren’t doing our job properly.

Our Values: Why We Can Be Trusted

When we first created real-money.net, we wanted to set out a series of values that would help us remain true to who we are, as professionals, and what it is we want to achieve with the establishment of the brand.

In the end, we narrowed it down to four values that set us apart from other websites. These values form the foundations of what real-money.net stands for:


All the information we will supply will be accurate and precise. That means there will be no #FakeNews here, just 100% fact-checked data. In addition, we will not waffle on needlessly about things that have no relevance, it will all be concise and to the point so you get the answers you need to the questions you are asking.


Whether it’s factual information like rules on how to play slots or opinion pieces on tips for playing certain table games, all our content will be of the highest quality. Every piece of writing is detailed, well-researched, and clearly written by experts, not an AI machine.


We’ve already mentioned that responsible gambling is close to our hearts, and that’s why responsibility is another of our key values. We can only expect visitors to our site to act responsibly if we’re being responsible ourselves.

This means ensuring that we never misinform or mislead people with our content. We will never offer to advise or tell you to do something that is not responsible, we will only provide you with content that is educational to allow you to make your own responsible decisions.


We are an open book.

Do you have a question about who we are, what we do, or why we do it that hasn’t already been addressed on this page? Ask away and we will do our best to answer your queries.

We have nothing to hide. We are all about honesty here at real-money.net and that’s why you can trust what we say and do: we are transparent about all our operations.

We hope you have learned a little more about who we are and what we aim to do here at real-money.net, and we look forward to welcoming you back as a regular visitor to our site in the future.