GAN And Internet Vikings: Collaboration On The Regulated U.S Market

Internet Vikings and GAN have successfully deepened their relationship with the newest partnership expansion. This Wednesday, the two parties announced that they had increased their reach in the regulated U.S. market to fifteen states, which was made possible by their expanded agreement.

This exciting news is met with equal measures of anticipation from both Internet Vikings and GAN’s management teams, who recognize the importance of such a deployment for operational scalability in the competitive online casino market. As this expansion takes effect, it is sure to bring both companies closer to success in the online casino arena.

Nevada Approves Internet Vikings As First iGaming Hosting Provider

Internet Vikings have made tremendous strides since its entrance into the US market last year. Not only are their services now available across all of the country’s major markets, but they also now hold Nevada approval – a remarkable achievement as they are the first nationwide iGaming hosting provider to do so.

Moreover, Internet Vikings have pledged to further expand their reach in the United States, ensuring further growth of their services and reach. All this marks the company as a forerunner in the specialty hosting industry.

Driving Force In The Us Online Casino Market

Following up on their initial partnership in April 2022, Internet Vikings and GAN have expanded to dominate the online casino market in the United States. This strategic move has enabled the two companies to join forces, covering fifteen states in total. With this expansion, their reliable cooperation is successful in connecting customers with greater options for an online casino within each of these geographical locations.

The success of this partnership was laid out from its inception, forming a solid foundation that ensures efficient operations and delivers an exceptional customer experience. The October 2022 agreement between both parties marked an opportunity for them to expand into thirteen new U.S. states, and further advance their presence across North America’s gaming landscape.

An Important Achievement For GAN

Blake Riley, GAN’s director of B2B sports project management, is excited to announce that the company has finalized a new deal with Internet Vikings. Riley acknowledged that this agreement is an important achievement for GAN and noted that, since its inception, Internet Vikings has proven to be a reliable and valued partner.

In addition to this recent agreement, Riley revealed that Internet Vikings’ services have helped GAN meet its objectives while expanding and consolidating its presence in the United States. It appears that the future is bright for the partnership between GAN and Internet Vikings.

Real-Money Staff
by Real-Money Staff
December 12, 2022