Pennsylvania Online Casinos Continues Hot Streak

Pennsylvania online casinos continue to show impressive numbers, with the latest figures indicating another month in which revenue topped 100 million. This puts the industry well on track to achieve its goal of generating more than 1 billion in revenue for the first time this year.

The growth in online casino platforms is good news for Pennsylvania, but other gambling segments are also showing impressive figures.

Hot Streak Continues

Since the launch of mobile casinos in Pennsylvania, the industry has been booming. However, it seems like the industry still has plenty of room for growth with the gaming revenue for 2022 consistently topping 100 million each month (excluding July), and the total revenue could be record-breaking for this year.

PA casino operators retained 112.5 million from online casino games like slots, poker, and table games, last September which shows a 13.2% improvement compared to September 2021. This makes the total gambling revenue in Pennsylvania (outside sports betting) reach $975.3 million, which is 16.7% higher when compared to the same period last year.

Slots accounted for 69.1% or $77.8 million of the total revenue generated by the mobile platforms.

PA Online Casinos Still Growing

The continuous growth in Pennsylvania online casinos is greatly attributed to the convenience that it brings to the customers. For residents of Pennsylvania, online gambling is a convenient and safe way to enjoy their favorite casino games.

There are many advantages to gambling online, including the ability to play from anywhere with an internet connection, the ability to play for real money or for free, and the ability to find a game that suits your skill level. In addition, online gambling is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, ensuring that all games are fair and secure.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that online gambling is gaining popularity in Pennsylvania.

Physical Casinos and Sportbooks also Up

While online casino gaming has been successful, so as the brick-and-mortar casinos and sports betting operations in the Keystone State.

Slot machines alone generated around 200 million for operators while table games contributed $81.6 million. Moreover, sports wagering has also been a key performer in the gambling market with $50.2 million in revenue last month.

The gambling industry in Pennsylvania has seen a boost from sports betting last month, and this is expected to continue for the rest of the year. Operators of online casinos have been especially successful which is good news for the state.

The gambling industry is a major contributor to the economy. The tax revenue generated by casinos helps to fund important programs and services, and the jobs created by the industry provide stability and financial security for families across Pennsylvania.

Real-Money Staff
by Real-Money Staff
October 25, 2022