Lions Deluxe Slot Game Launches In Michigan

In an exciting move for the online gambling industry, the Lions Deluxe slot game has this week been launched by BetMGM within the state of Michigan. The new game is a partnership between Everi, one of the world’s leading suppliers of gaming machines and content to the casino market, and MGM Resorts International, one of the largest online casino operators in the world.

Detroit Lions First Partnership

In September 2020, the Detroit Lions partnered with BetMGM, making it the team’s first official sports betting partner. The partnership allows BetMGM to use the team’s logo and name in its marketing efforts, as well as to offer VIP experiences and promotions to Lions fans.

In return, the Lions receive a share of the revenue generated by BetMGM’s activities. This partnership is a symbiotic relationship that will provide benefits for both parties involved. For the Lions, it represents a new source of revenue, which can be used to improve the team and provide a better experience for fans.

A Potential Market

For BetMGM, it gives the company access to a loyal fan base and allows it to tap into the huge potential market for sports betting in the Michigan online casino market. This partnership is a win-win for both sides, and it is sure to be a success.

The Lions Deluxe slot game is just one example of the exciting opportunities that can arise from such partnerships. With BetMGM’s experience in the industry and Everi’s innovative content, players are sure to have a unique and thrilling gaming experience with the Lions Deluxe slot game. For fans of both gambling and sports, this is definitely a game to check out.

The Trade-off

As any casino manager knows, branded slots are a great way to attract a certain segment of players. In this case, Detroit Lions fans. However, there is a trade-off between attracting a certain segment of players and incurring greater costs when purchasing branding rights.

It is not uncommon to see sports teams partnering with casinos in the United States. This is because casinos can offer a lot of money to these teams in exchange for advertisement. However, this type of partnership is far less common in other countries. For example, you are unlikely to see a Premier League football team’s logo on a slot game. Players in Michigan can now enjoy all the excitement of lions on safari from the comfort of their own homes!

Real-Money Staff
by Real-Money Staff
November 7, 2022