DWG And Draftkings Partnership Launches In Michigan

DraftKings, a leading online casino company, has teamed up with DWG to launch its services in Michigan. DWG is a leading provider of digital platforms and software solutions for the lottery and gaming industry. The partnership will allow DraftKings to offer its popular daily fantasy sports contests and sports betting products to Michigan residents.

This is a significant development for both companies, as it will allow them to tap into a new online casino market and provide their customers with more options. It is also a positive step for the state of Michigan, as it will generate new tax revenue and create jobs. The partnership between DraftKings and DWG is a win-win-win situation that will benefit all parties involved.

Regulated Jurisdictions

After being licensed to operate in the state in October 2021, DWG’s CEO Troy Zurawski said:

“We’re serious about transforming online casino content in the US, and that means taking our games into all regulated jurisdictions across the country.”

Under the terms of the deal, DraftKings will now offer its customers DWG games, such as Double Fancy 7s and 10X Fortune, via Light and Wonder’s open gaming platform. This is a significant expansion of DraftKing’s product offering, and it is sure to be welcomed by customers who enjoy playing DWG games. The partnership between DraftKings and Light and Wonder is sure to be a fruitful one, and it will no doubt benefit both companies involved.

DWG Games Now Available In Canada

Now that DWG has officially launched in the Canadian province, Zurawski stated: “DraftKings is one of the initial innovators of the US interactive market, and they have carefully constructed a competitive, exciting ecosystem for their players.

“The fact that their team has prioritized bringing DWG titles to every market as fast as possible speaks to the quality of our content and how it resonates with their players.”

DWG recently went online on Mr. Green’s website in the United Kingdom, with Zurawski stating: “William Hill has been a proud champion of our games in the UK for a few years now, and we always wanted to explore ways to expand this high-performing relationship,”

Real-Money Staff
by Real-Money Staff
December 1, 2022